Pixies Panties

Worn for your pleasure  


"Blue Mesh"

"Fishnet Thong"

There are two photos, front and back of each pair of underwear I have a few that I bought multiple of the same pair. If you want to buy a pair email me "pixiespanties69@gmail.com" and include the name of the pair of panties that you would like to buy and if you want anything special! Each pair of panties are $25 this includes your discreet shipping! (I only do shipping in the USA) If you want extras it costs a little more, $5 extra for each thing...



-Worn for more than 24 hours

After I get this site running there will be a better option than having to email me for the order so I am so sorry for having to make you email me! When you do email me with what you want I will email you back with a paypal invoice! After you pay I will wear the panties just for you and then ship them to you right after I take them off! :) I will only accept paypal for payment.

There is a sample email in the "Contact me" Page to show you again what to do to order my yummy panties! ;)

"Pink and black lace"

"Sexy Leopard" 

When the panties get sold I will take them off the page and keep adding new ones! I love trying on new panties! :)